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EPA 5152:  Leading School Improvement


Dear Student,


It was good to meet the cohort 4 students at Jinhua and Hangzhou.  You are a responsive cohort.  I was pleased with your positive approach.  We have made good progress in learning some of the key unit ideas.  You have helped me to learn about the challenges you face in your work during this era of reform.  I am impressed with the fine work of many cohort 4 students who are leaders in the educational organizations of Zhejiang province.  The purpose of the Master of Education course is to improve your work as a leader.

We must now build on the good progress that was made during the Intensive Teaching Program.  Your thinking and writing should meet standards for informed, critical and creative ways in which unit concepts, perspectives and models apply to Chinese educational organizations.  It is essential that you engage with the set readings and other unit materials.  Be active in:

          selecting the most important ideas from the readings; and

          justifying your own informed views as to why these ideas are important or not suited to educational organizations in China.

Copying does not score marks.  Reflection, inquiry and constructive critique are the kinds of thinking processes that are expected in Master of Education studies.  During the Intensive Teaching Program all students were using these thinking processes.  Be confident as you work though the Guide.


Unit Timeline


The unit will run according to the following timeline:

          Completion of Module One.  During week beginning Monday December 5 

          Assignment Two  To be posted by Tuesday, 20 December 2005.

          Completion of Module Two.  During week beginning Monday January 9 

          Completion of Module Three.  During week beginning Monday February 6 

          Final exam during week beginning Monday February 13.


Module One


You should take four weeks to complete Module One.  Develop an understanding of the key concepts and perspectives that are needed for leading and improving educational organizations in the dynamic educational environment of China.  During week three you should again consider the key readings relating to assignment two.  Then begin writing the final draft of your assignment. 

Modified Assignment 2

I have revised the instructions to make it easier for you to complete the assignment.  Do not use the assessment activities in the Unit Plan.  Instead be guided by the following:


Assignment 2  Length: 2000 English words plus concept map plus references The assignment should be of a standard suitable for publication in a refereed education journal.  A long assignment is needed to get the breadth and depth of analysis. 


The dynamic environment of China means that new forms of leadership, planning and improvement processes are needed in each educational organization.  Select four or more of the EPA5152 unit readings 0.3 �C 1.8 that have ideas for enhancing schools or universities in China. 

From these readings identify the key ideas with potential to improve existing practice.  Justify your choice by discussing why these ideas are important. Point out where the readings address similar leadership, planning and improvement processes. 


Organize this knowledge in a concept map showing the relationships among the key ideas you are advocating.  Explain how these processes can collectively enhance contemporary schools or universities in China.

Advice for preparing the assignment

Your assignment should focus on either the primary or secondary schools or a class of university or colleges or an education bureau of Zhejiang province.  The assignment is intended to be a discussion document for leaders in your own educational organization.  In selecting readings and ideas you could discuss some of the existing strengths and limitations of Chinese educational organizations.  Think critically about the readings when selecting ideas.  Your answer should have the following structure:

1. Title and brief introduction

2. Identification, justification, discussion of the key ideas from the chosen readings.

3. Analysis of the relationships among the main ideas, supported by a concept map for enhancing Chinese schools or universities.

4. References.


Submission of Assignment 2


Prepare the assignment in English or Chinese.  If your assignment is in Chinese then arrange for an English translation.  Forward both copies to Yang at Zhejiang Normal University before December 20th.  You must attach an assignment cover sheet.  (See attachment on this newsletter).  Indicate the level of assistance you have had with translation and your university identification number if this is known.  .  Ability to write in English is not being assessed in this unit.  Continue to make use of opportunities to learn how to write using English as this is more important in the following units. Best wishes with your reading and thinking about how to demonstrate leadership.


The assignment cover sheet is attached.  Please use this.  Be sure to include your university identification number for both the assignment and the exam paper.


The English language paper (and Chinese language paper if translation is needed) should be sent to Yang at ZNU by Tuesday 20th December.  It should be clearly labeled as Assignment 2.  Include your student enrolment number.  


Please monitor your learning to ensure that you complete your studies according to this timeline.


I hope that you have been able to continue the practices that we used at the end of each day during the Intensive Teaching Program:


What is my new knowledge? What are the implications for my leadership practice?


Personal goal setting

What are the priorities for my own professional learning?  What I need to know more about?

In what areas will I attempt to change my leadership practice?


Best wishes as you do Module One: The Process of School Improvement.  Be active in trying and applying unit ideas in your own workplace.




现在你应该以面授期间所学的内容为基础,按照熟悉知识、批判性和创造性的要求,结合工作实际思考本课程中的概念、观点及模式,开始书面作业(Assignment 2)。参考阅读文章和其他的学习材料是非常重要的。请你积极地:

l        从文选中汲取最重要的观念;并

l        充分地说明为什么这些观点对于中国的教育管理的是重要的或是不适用的。




l        第一单元学习完成时间是125日开始的那一周。

l        作业应在1220日(周二)前寄出。

l        第二单元学习完成时间是19日开始的那一周。

l        第三单元学习完成时间是26日开始的那一周。

l        课程考试时间是在213日开始的那一周。








作业2 长度两千英文单词,加上概念图和参考文献。文章应达到公开发表教育期刊的质量要求。分析的深度和广度决定了这个作业要有一定的长度。









1.       题目和简要的引言

2.       列出从文章中选取的主要观念,并进行说明和讨论。

3.   分析这些主要观点之间的相互联系,辅以一个概念图,谈谈它们如何改进中国的学校或大学。

4.   参考文献
















迈克尔・哈维 博士


Dr Michael Harvey,

School of Education,

Telephone +61 8 9370 6566,

Fax +61 8 9370 6077,


16th November, 2005




                        EPA 5152作业2封面

Assignment cover

S2, 2005

EPA 5152: Leading School Improvement:   Assignment 2

Student Number


FAMILY NAME    Please print

    ( 清楚写出汉语拼音)














Instructions 说明

You may get help in translating your assignment. There is no penalty for this. However you must acknowledge the work of the translator. 请人翻译作业不会影响成绩,但必须说明

If you write in Chinese you must submit the original Chinese version of your assignment and an English translation. 如果是中文写稿,中文原稿和英译稿必须一起上交

It is your responsibility to ensure that an accurate translation is provided. 你有责任提供准确的英译稿


Tick one box below 请打钩

q  I have written the assignment in English without assistance from another person.  作业由本人独立用英文完成

q  Another person has edited my English language answer to produce the final copy. 请人修改了我的英文稿

q  Another person has translated my Chinese language answers into English.请人英译了我的中文稿

If you had help with the English, write the name of the person who helped you.     如果得到他人在英文方面的帮助,请在此写上帮助者的姓名。


I certify that the attached assignment is my own work and that any material drawn from other sources has been acknowledged. 我保证作业系本人自己完成,文中的引用材料都已注明。

Signature(签名)                              Date(日期)


Guidelines for translating the assignment翻译作业须知

Purpose of the translation翻译的目的

The purpose of translating the assignment is to enable the lecturer to mark an accurate English translation of the student’s answer. The student should get the same mark (no more, no less) irrespective of whether the English or the Chinese version of the answer is marked. 翻译的目的是让教师能对学生的作业准确地评分。无论是中文还是英文,学生的得分应该一致。

Hints on translating the assignment翻译作业建议

Provide an accurate translation of the Chinese text.  Do not change the meaning or the structure or level of detail or the cohesion of the answer.根据中文稿准确翻译,不要改变原意、结构及内部细节。

Checking and penalties核查和处罚

Translations of assignments are checked by Edith Cowan University. Any substantial difference between the English and Chinese versions may be considered to be academic misconduct and may lead to a loss of marks by the student, or other penalties as considered appropriate. 翻译和原稿将接受ECU大学的核查,任何不符之处将被视为学术不端行为,并导致失分或别的处罚。


Dr Michael Harvey 迈克尔哈维博士                             Dr Bridget Leggett 李碧婕博士

Course Coordinator课程协调员                          International Coordinator国际协调员